Supernormal is a festival like no other, providing a powerful antidote to the current malaise of festivals-as-big-business. Blurring the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience, it champions the iconoclastic and the experimental, allowing risks to be taken and leaps of imagination to occur. Somewhere in spirit between the original Glastonbury Fayre and an eccentric village fete, Supernormal is the alternative's alternative.

Latest News

22/04/14 - Arts announcement coming this Friday


It’s always been a core ideal of Supernormal that the arts programme should take an equal footing with the music programme. Why then, does the music always get announced first? Essentially, the curation process is much more complicated and time consuming for the arts. The majority of bands know roughly what they’ll be doing from […]


11/04/14 - Part Chimp and more for SN14


Running the gamut from Robert E. Howard-esque doom to reanimated charity shop artefacts, and from traditional Northumbrian folk songs to Anime-infliuenced future funk from a world dominated by pizza, the latest additions to Supernormal’s bill are as uncompromising as they are invigorating. Riffs, robots and relentless innovation are all on the agenda for this August […]


03/03/14 - First acts announced for 2014


Supernormal 2014 marks both the fifth year of the festival and also the twentieth year of Braziers International Artists Workshop, from whence Supernormal evolved. Although the festival’s been through plenty of changes since its first year in 2010, the spirit of iconoclasm and adventure at the heart of it is exactly the same. In 2014 […]


21/02/14 - Performing at Supernormal

The number of requests to perform at SN has grown year on year. We’re now at the point where, sadly, there are too many coming in for us to evaluate them all fairly. We’re truly honoured that so many of you want to play, but for the foreseeable future, we won’t be taking applications to […]


18/02/14 - Workshop & Activities Call-out


SUPERNORMAL is seeking innovative and participatory workshops and activities as part of its programme of experimental arts and music. We welcome ideas and proposals from individuals and groups that offer a different participatory experience to a wide audience of both children and adults – creative and fun, engaging and inspiring, challenging yet accessible. Submissions will […]