Ticket Release Info

Registration for Ticket Lottery opens Monday 19th February 2024

Key Dates: 

Ticket Lottery Registration opens - Monday 19th February 2024

Draw of Tickets - March 4th 2024

Supernormal Festival returns on the 2-4th August 2024

Registration open for tickets to Supernormal 2024! 

Click here to register! 

How to register for tickets and what will happen next: 

  • To register for the ticket lottery, you’ll need to sign up for an account if you have not done so previously.
  • You will need to let us know how many tickets you want (Maximum of 4 adult tickets per order). There will also be options to let us know if you need to request an under 12s ticket for any children. 
  • We will do random draws to pick winners from the lottery from 4 March.
  • Winners will be sent a link to a private portal that will enable them to buy (up to) the number of tickets previously requested. 
  • You will have 72 hours to complete the purchase, before the link expires and the tickets are put back into the lottery system. 

Ticket Prices

We remain and will always be committed to keeping our tickets as affordable as possible. However, the costs of putting on the festival have increased significantly since the last edition in 2022, so ticket prices have risen for 2024.

Tickets for Supernormal are offered in a number of different tiers, with the idea being that you pay an amount for a ticket depending on your current financial position - this keeps the festival accessible to a larger range of people. A festival ticket includes 3 days of camping.

Mega Supporters Ticket @ £240.00
If you are financially secure; you can comfortably afford modest luxuries like overseas holidays; you don't really have to think about money at all month-to-month

Supporters Price Ticket @ £175.00
If you have a reliable source of income that more-than covers your day to day financial needs; you don't really have to think about the costs of nights out etc.

Standard Price Ticket @ £150.00
If the above do not really apply or you're just more comfortable contributing at this level (for any reason).

Low income/unwaged Price ticket @ £80.00
For those without a reliable source of income, or who struggle to cover their basic monthly expenses. Please note that we can only offer a limited number of these tickets - they are limited to 1 per customer and they are on a first-come-first served basis.

We also offer:

Teen Weekend Tickets @ £45.00
Sunday Only Tickets @ £55.00
Supporters Sunday Only Tickets @ £70.00
Live-in Vehicle Tickets (very limited) @ £70.00

Ticket FAQs

When and where is Supernormal Festival this year? 
2-4th August 2024 at Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

What is a Ticket Lottery?
A luck based system, where people who have entered the lottery are picked at random and emailed with a link to buy tickets. The link expires 72 hours after being sent, if they don’t buy their tickets within that time then the tickets will go back into the lottery and sent out to someone else who has entered the lottery.

Why is Supernormal Festival doing a ticket lottery?
In recent years, demand for tickets has outstripped the maximum number we can make available due to the limited capacity at Braziers. Despite this, we’ve always considered the size of the festival, and its venue, to be central to making Supernormal the event that it is - we cannot imagine and have no desire for moving elsewhere.

We have previously learnt that releasing a bunch of tickets at a specific time is an unfair method of selling our tickets as tickets were obtained by those whose bank could process the transaction quickest, or to those buying multiple tickets (often families), and for anyone that might be less able to quickly navigate technology. We also do not wish to exclude either people who’ve been coming to the festival for years, or those who want to experience it for the first time. So, if luck is the fairest part of the system, we figured it was more fair all round to make luck the only factor. 

When does the ticket lottery end? 
Entry to the lottery will close once all the tickets have been sold.

I would like to volunteer instead of getting a ticket!
We will have all our volunteer opportunities advertised from April 2024 this year. If you have questions at this stage, get in touch with the volunteering team at [email protected]

Can I bring children to Supernormal? Do they need a ticket? 
Children 12 and under go free at Supernormal. Children over the age of 12 need to buy a teen ticket. 

Where can I find your Access Information? 
Follow this link or get in touch with the supernormal team if you have questions we haven’t answered at [email protected]

I've entered the Open Call - when will you let everyone know the result?
We'll be in touch with everyone who entered the open call at the end of February

Photo: Jo Higgs