Ticket Release Info

Festival dates: 12-14 August 2022

Tickets are now completely sold out for the full weekend.

Sunday tickets are still available  for £45

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Click here for Sunday Tickets

Buying your ticket

  • Each winner will be sent a link to a private portal that will enable them to buy (up to) the number of tickets they originally asked for.
  • They will have 48 hours to complete the purchase, before the link expires
  • Winners will be able to request a maximum of 4 tickets per order (child tickets do not contribute to this total). 
  • All weekend tickets include camping.

Tiered ticket system

Each year we conduct an audience survey after the festival. We always pose questions about pricing and, consistently, 50% of people told us that the event is too cheap and that they would prefer to pay more to support the programme. We have always resisted extravagant price increases in order to keep Supernormal affordable and we will continue to do so; but we also want to provide the opportunity for those that want to support the programme further.

In 2019 we introduced a number of tiered ticket options and they are back for this year's event. There are no tangible "perks" on offer with the higher priced tickets but we would ask you to consider the level that feels appropriate to your circumstances.

The tier prices will be as follows:

  • £165 - Tier 3 Weekend Ticket - if you are financially secure; you can comfortably afford modest luxuries like overseas holidays; you don't really have to think about money at all month-to-month.
  • £135 - Tier 2 Weekend Ticket - If you have a reliable source of income that more-than covers your day to day financial needs; you don't really have to think about the costs of nights out etc.
  • £110 - Tier 1 Weekend Ticket - If the above do not really apply or you're just more comfortable contributing at this level (for any reason)
  • £75 - Low/No Wage Weekend Ticket - For those without a reliable source of income, or who struggle to cover their basic monthly expenses. Please note that we can only offer a limited number of these tickets - they are limited to 1 per customer and they are on a first-come-first served basis.

Tiers are on a self-assessment basis - it's entirely up to you which you pick. Please don't worry about buying a higher tiered ticket if you'd prefer not to; only contribute at a level you are comfortable with.