Ticket Release Info

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Buying your ticket
This year there will be 2 releases of tickets and we will be selling half the available tickets in each release. This is intended to make sure everyone has a fair chance to get one.

Given the speed we sold out last year, and how many people were caught off guard at the time, we are anticipating that tickets will sell extremely quickly.

To give yourself the best chance of picking up a ticket we advise that you make sure you are registered on the website in advance. You can register here, or if you signed up last year you can log in here to make sure you still remember your password! You should make sure you are on the website, and logged in just before the time of the ticket release.

You will be able to buy a maximum of 4 tickets per order (child tickets do not contribute to this total). 

All weekend tickets include camping.

Tiered ticket system
Each year we conduct an audience survey after the festival. We always pose questions about pricing and, consistently, 50% of people told us that the event is too cheap and that they would prefer to pay more to support the programme. We have always resisted extravagant price increases in order to keep Supernormal affordable and we will continue to do so; but we also want to provide the opportunity for those that want to support the programme further.

In 2019 we introduced a number of tiered ticket options and they are back for this year's event. There are no tangible "perks" on offer with the higher priced tickets but we would ask you to consider the level that feels appropriate to your circumstances.

Please note that we can only offer a limited number of tickets at the "Low/No Wage" level. Do not purchase one of these unless you have a legitimate need. Also note that these are limited to 2 per customer.

All other tiers are on a completely self-assessment basis - it's entirely up to you which you pick. Please don't worry about buying a higher tiered ticket if you'd prefer not to; only contribute at a level you are comfortable with.