We want SUPERNORMAL to be as enjoyable and inclusive as possible; everyone is welcome.

If you experience anything that makes you uncomfortable on site please talk to someone at the production office and we will be happy to help. We make SUPERNORMAL together, let’s be good to each other.

If there’s anything we can do to make the festival easier for you to attend and enjoy, please contact  and we’ll do our best to help. 

During the festival the Production Office is open from 9am to 8pm to answer any questions. We have a team of Access volunteers who will be able to help if you need support and please feel free to approach anyone with a radio, including security or the medical team, who will answer any questions if they can or contact someone for assistance.

PA Tickets
For those who require assistance when attending the festival we provide one free ticket for their Personal Assistant (PA)
 We can provide accessible parking in the main festival field for festival goers who are in need of this. Please get in contact via [email protected] with us to book an accessible parking space.
The main car park is located 100 metres from the box office and entrance to the main festival site. Access between the carpark and box office is along a woodland path with uneven terrain and a raised curb.
Public Transport
The box office and entrance to the main festival site are located 0.6 miles from the nearest bus stop. Please note these roads do not have a pedestrian pavement and vehicles may need to pass you en route.
Festival Site
 The festival site is made up of two main areas, the main field and Brazier’s House site.
Please contact us if you need a camping space near the accessible toilet.There is a shower marked as accessible in the main campsite, if you have any specific questions or requirements please ask for access assistance at the production tent. Please be in touch with any requirements for accessible camping and we will do our best to accommodate these. 
We have 24 hour medical and welfare facilities that can be found in the First Aid area. If you have any specific questions relating to a medical need during your time with us at the festival and you’d like to discuss in advance or onsite, please contact [email protected] or ask for access assistance at the production tent.
Main Field Spaces
Supernormal Festival is an outdoor event, and most of the terrain is grass. Solid pathways or hard ground are absent in some parts of the event site.
Many of the stages and access routes are in areas with inclines or slopes.

In the event of rain, it is important to know that the terrain will likely become muddy and wet, making it harder to navigate. if you use a wheelchair or mobility aid, we recommend bringing kit suitable for this terrain and bring the appropriate emergency tyre repair kit.

Shed Stage: The Shed Stage is located in the main field at the bottom of a slope. Chairs are provided to allow a view of the stage and there are canopies for shade. 
The Vortex: The Vortex is a wooden pyramid shaped structure with a capacity of 150, It has low light levels and low level beams to the right side of the standing area.  We will provide limited seating at the front and at the back of this stage. Wheelchair access is via a doorway to the left side of the stage. A steward will be on hand to assist with entry into this space at busy times.
The Red Kite: There is no seating provided in this space, please ask a member of the team if you require seating. We will do our best to accommodate this request. Wheelchair access is along the right side of the tent. A steward will be on hand to assist with entry into this space at busy times.
Queef Qult: Queef Qult is wheelchair accessible and has a bar with a lowered section which is accessible to wheelchair users.
Access: This tent is a space where no alcohol is to be consumed. It is designed to be a comfortable space to take time out from the festival when needed. Due to restrictions of the site this will not be completely quiet as it is within proximity of the Shed Stage but will provide relative calm with space to lie down, sit and relax throughout the weekend. Please keep conversation in this space to a minimum.
First Aid: 24 hour medical assistance can be found in the First Aid area
Bars and Traders: Bars and traders are contracted by Supernormal for the weekend. All traders will be briefed on our commitment to make the festival as inclusive as possible.
Accessible Toilets: We have accessible toliets in the main field and by the barn area. Accessible toilets are intended for use by those who require them only. 
Access from main field to Braziers House site via the woodland
The Woodland
 Access between the two sites is through a steep woodland area with uneven terrain and steps or by vehicle. If required, primarily by wheelchair users and those unable to navigate the woodland, vehicles are invited to park behind the Barn stage and will be guided by a steward.
The Barn 
The Barn is wheelchair accessible, and accessible to those who cannot enter via the forest route by vehicle. Vehicles will be guided by a steward to park behind the Barn on the Brazier’s House site.
Brazier’s House
The house is wheelchair accessible. There is seating available inside, and an accessible toilet located in close proximity. Limited parking outside the front of the house is available for wheelchair users. You can find out more about Brazier's House and photographs on their website here:
Accessible Toilets: Please refer to the programme map for the locations of these or ask production office/access volunteers for help. 
Performances featuring strobe lighting: Live performances on the Shed, Queef, Vortex and Red Kite stages.
Running times: Times are displayed on large print boards at each live music stage and each area of the site with a timed programme.
Assistance Dogs: Assistance dogs are welcome to the festival. There are water points across the site and all owners are expected to clean up after their dog.
Earplugs: Earplugs are available from the production office during opening hours 9am-8pm
We appreciate there are a number of barriers people face when attending a festival. If you would like any other advice including recommendations for performances, advice on content or anything else please be in touch by email [email protected] or visit the production office. We welcome feedback and are keen to improve Supernormal for all our visitors, performers, volunteers and crew,