Announcing Supernormal 2024 & Open Call!

The team behind your favourite Oxfordshire-based DIY art and music weekender Supernormal are extremely pleased to announce that next year will see its return to the festival fray! After taking 2023 out for a necessary collective breather, stars and schedules are once again aligning and Friday 2 to Sunday 4 August 2024 is LOCKED IN at its storied home of Braziers Park. 
So! Update your calendars, tell your friends and read all the info after this sentence because you’ll need to know at least some of it if you want to be at Supernormal ‘24. 
First off, there’s the return of the Open Call, in which Supernormal invites artists and creative souls of all forms and disciplines to apply to come and do their thing next August. That ‘thing’ can be artistic, theatrical, cinematic, musical, discursive, educational… tell us what you have in mind, basically. You can do that, and get all the necessary guidelines for doing so, at this LINK. Applications open on Wednesday 13 December and close on Sunday 21 January and we’re aiming to have responded to all applicants regarding their proposal by around the end of February. 
Next up, we must discuss the Tickets, and how they are to be obtained. Seasoned Supernormal attendees will likely be aware that weekend passes to its most recent editions have been snapped up in literal seconds by those with the fastest fingers/wi-fi/bank. As such, after being introduced for 2022, it’s been decided that for SN 2024, we will again be making tickets available by a lottery system, where those who register will be chosen randomly and subsequently notified. Look out for the announcement of when exactly in February you can enter the lottery, as you’ll quite literally have to be in it to win it, but in the meantime you can read our rationale in slightly greater detail HERE.
The new year will bring more Supernormal announcements relevant to your participation and entertainment – including the Artist Residency open call (where one artist, or group of artists, will be selected to develop work on-site at Braziers Park in the week leading up to SN ’24); the call for Volunteers (join us and help support the festival and make it happen!); and, in case you thought we forgot, the Programme. That bit’s going to be good!