Massive Programme Announcement & More Tickets Released

Published: 03/07/24

July has shown up, it is – as of just now – LESS THAN ONE MONTH until the opening of Supernormal 2024, and you’d best believe this fact is not lost on us! Not least because we have some updates for you. (Good ones.)
Firstly, there is PHASE 2 of the Supernormal 2024 programme to share, which pretty much doubles the size of what we hit you with first, back in April. Needless to say we are very pleased with it and consider these attractions – musicians, DJs, artists, speakers, workshops etc – to be an essential dispatch from the fringes of culture and creativity as it currently exists. If (m)any of the names on there are simply a mystery to you, get yourself to the ‘Programme’ section of the Supernormal website to read and hear more!
This will be the last major programme announcement ahead of the big weekend, HOWEVER past experience has taught us that late changes are highly likely… so if you have a ticket, please keep an eye on our website, our socials and your email for information on any such changes, and other things relating to SN24.
And if you don’t have a ticket? Well, turns out there is a point to you reading this BECAUSE the second and final Supernormal weekend ticket drop is live, via our website, right now! The last one was a lottery draw dealie and this one is just a straight-up sale, so get a wriggle on. There aren’t as many as were in the lottery but there’s a few, OK. (Please note – the LOW/UNWAGED price option has been fully exhausted, and we’ve already sold out of the live-in vehicle passes too – you won’t be able to pick one up when you arrive.) AND, if you find weekend tickets are sold out again if you're reading this too late - remember there are plenty of SUNDAY tickets available.
That’s about all for now – but you’ll hear from us between today and Friday 2 August, aka the day when the magic begins… again.