Open Call closes 21 Jan / Ticket Prices & Lottery Dates Announced

Happy new year from all of us at Supernormal! We hope you are having a pleasant 2024 and are interested in a combination of updates and reminders concerning our festival this August – which is coming along very nicely, thanks for asking. If so, keep reading…

OPEN CALL  - if you fancy performing or otherwise participating at Supernormal ‘24 then we need that proposal by close of play on SUNDAY 21 JANUARY - CLICK HERE to apply. We are looking for proposals that are experimental, risk-taking, out-of-the-box, thought provoking, and engaging.

Broad categories include installations, workshops, film screenings, talks, performance and music. Have a look at previous years’ programmes HERE to get an idea of the kind of work that we are interested in.

TICKETS -  we have some news that includes both dates and prices. As mentioned in Supernormal’s last update, a lottery system – the fairest available, we’ve deemed – is going to be used to distribute the 2024 tickets. You’ll have to register on the Supernormal website to participate, with MONDAY 19 FEBRUARY the opening registration date. The draw for the first round of tickets will begin on MONDAY 4 MARCH; successful applicants will be emailed a link to buy their ticket(s) and be given 72 hours to do so. If a link is unused after that time, the ticket(s) will be put back into the lottery system for the next round.

Regarding the prices for these tickets, as with the previous edition of Supernormal in 2022 there are four tiers and they break down like so:


We also offer massively discounted tickets for TEENS, and also SUNDAY ONLY tickets.

If you are curious as to the thinking behind those categories, it is explained in a little more detail HERE, which is also the page through which you will be able to enter the lottery next month.

Once the lottery draw is complete, there’ll be applications for VOLUNTEERS – that is to say, a weekend Supernormal ticket in exchange for some on-site work – and the announcement of our ARTIST RESIDENCY in the storied grounds of Braziers Park, where the festival takes place. Plus it should go without saying that you’ll hear plenty more from the Supernormal team between now and the first weekend of August as the PROGRAMME comes together and it all gets increasingly exciting for you and us alike.

Team Supernormal x