Rabiya Choudhry, Supernormal times at Braziers, 2021

The full stop doomsday clock with silver cosmic spots
A window to infinite consciousness
The fuzz of the static 
Belong to the light and then 

A microcosmic plate revolving
The mechanism that keeps on turning
Life carries on

This place that draws people in
The silver cord that connects the body to the soul
Finding yourself in time where the me becomes the we
Somewhere in the dimension of the green

We must imagine a utopia of sorts
We are only here for a short time 
We need to dream that dream
Time is crucial
The need for optimism and imagination
The hope for a new generation bringing change

Sacral sunflower, sunlight touch
Diamonds jump, skip to kiss the sky
A portal to the limitless, a legacy to infinity
Connecting to a higher consciousness

Finding yourself in light of the darkness
Grief creating black holes in life
A loss of grounding in this wild wild world
We all cast shadows in this life

Become grounded in reality through meditation...one day
Trying to control the ego...one day
That feeling of not belonging anywhere
Moving toward a community working together

Love always wins! Love carries on
The love and bonds that have formed
The sensory process

The slow process, the harder way
The real love of the place
The good will
The odd ball but in a good way
My heart is in the woods
Talk to your ancestors they are listening

The agreements, the fallouts
Interplay by unlike minds
The group mind
The full stop modern art on the wall.  
The skoob towers, the hot air balloons, the weird art in situ
The collective, the community
The desire for something better and to connect to something bigger
The social experiment. The bubble.

How to expand out with the circle? 
A utopia within an alienating world
The way flowers bend toward the light
The growth of ourselves and communities

Finding your way back to the garden
We are stardust
We are golden 
we are billions year old carbon


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