Ticket Scammers About!

Published: 09/07/24

Anyone looking to buy a ticket from someone looking to sell online - please ensure you follow the correct procedure detailed below (copied from the 'Practical Info' section of this site). There are scammers about!

Unfortunately we are generally unable to offer refunds for tickets. The exception to this rule would be if you have purchased a ticket and are subsequently offered a slot on the programme or a volunteer role.

Transferring a ticket to someone else
If you bought a ticket but are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to another party. Please use the Ticket Transfer system available on the Supernormal website: go to the Your Account section and it’s on the Dashboard on the left-hand side. You can advertise that you’re selling tickets on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Buying a ticket from someone else
  • If you are buying a ticket from someone who you do not know personally, please insist that they use our Ticket Transfer system. If they follow this procedure, then you will receive an email from our system confirming that they have begun a transfer to you, and detailing the tickets that they hold. At that point you may pay them (we suggest using a secure payment like PayPal, using goods and services), after which they can release the tickets to you.
  • If they begin a transfer and then cancel it, you will be notified automatically. If someone cancels a transfer to you after you have paid them, please contact [email protected] for help.