Ticket Update

We’re sorry, but yes we really did sell out in 1 minute.

There were over 700 people on the site at exactly 7pm, and only 300 tickets up for grabs. Inevitably, a lot of people were going to be disappointed.

We’re aware that a lot of people hit a similar issue - they got to the checkout, entered their card information and it left you on “please wait”. Unfortunately, what had happened at that point was that tickets had already sold out but there was an issue returning the sold out message. Apologies if this happened to you, but by the time this happened tickets were already gone so we can at least say you had a fair roll of the dice.

A few people have gotten in touch to report that they have a “pending” transaction in their bank accounts - I’m afraid this does not mean that you have a ticket secured. This will have happened if tickets sold out inbetween you submitting your bank details, and us getting confirmation back from your bank. The pending charge will clear shortly.

Congratulations to those of you that did manage to get a ticket. For the rest of you, you’ll have another chance in a few weeks.