Volunteer FAQ


We hope the information in the volunteer roles answers all your questions, but we’ve put a few more below that we think you might want to know. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, get in touch with Emily or Katie via: [email protected]

(Please note we might take up to a week to get back to you) 

I’ve applied for a role, what happens next? 

We will review all the volunteer applications with the area leads and aim to get back to you within two weeks. Supernormal is superpopular, and we might not be able to offer everyone who has applied a role. If you are accepted to volunteer we will get in touch with you to set up next steps! 

If I have a problem or I have question while I volunteering, what do I do? 

You can talk to your role lead, or you can come and talk to the production and volunteering team (Emily (She/Her) Katie (They/Them) and Vijay (He/Him) ) 
We’ll listen and aim to solve whatever is going on with you. We have sometimes have problems too :) 

What’s the Volunteer Code of Conduct? 

This is a shared process with everyone who’s volunteering at Supernormal. It helps explain what we’ll offer you, and what we hope you will provide in return. It also helps us resolve things if you have a problem, or if we have something we need to talk about with you.

What happens if I breach the volunteer code of conduct? 

We want everyone to enjoy Supernormal and have a safe time with us.  We have a Supernormal Code of Conduct for volunteers and you will need to follow it throughout the festival. If we have any problems with your volunteering, we will use this code of conduct to discuss them with you. 

Your safety and welfare while on-site are paramount to us. If you are unable to turn up for your shifts for whatever reason, please come and speak to the Production team. We are there to help and can often rearrange your shifts for you so that you do not risk losing your deposit.

Any breach, such as not turning up to a shift or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated. You will risk being evicted from site, forfeiting your deposit and being banned from volunteering at Supernormal again.

I have an access need/disability, are the roles accessible? 

We welcome volunteers with disabilities and health conditions, all you need to do is let us know about any access requirements when you apply for a role. We will contact you to discuss how we can support you and your volunteering during the festival. We will aim to provide you with the role you want to undertake but please note that some roles, including build and take down, can’t be adjusted.

I can no longer make it, how do I cancel my place?

We do hope that you will not need to cancel your place but if you do, please follow the guidelines below.

How to cancel

To cancel your place, please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘CANCEL’.

In the body of the email, please confirm your name and role, and if cancelling after the deadline – please let us know the reason.

We will aim to respond to you within 2 working days, but there may be delays during busy periods. 

Cancellation deadlines

You may cancel within one month of your application to volunteer. This is because we will run a wait list of people who want to volunteer, and it’s the fairest thing we can do to ensure we are able to both run the festival (which is primarily made of volunteers) and make sure we can re-fill your spot from the waitlist! 

Providing evidence

If you can't make it to your festival due to illness or bereavement, please ensure that you email us as soon as possible. If you’re reason isn’t one of these, get in touch with us too - we’ll listen. 

The quickest and most reliable way to get any evidence to us is to take a photo of the document(s) and email it to [email protected]

I can't access your information or forms!

If you need any of our information or forms in an alternative accessible format please contact: [email protected]

Other useful information 

Volunteer training will be provided online for all weekend roles in the weeks leading up to the festival. This will include Health & Safety training and other festival information. It is essential that all volunteers attend this training and agree to follow our guidelines during Supernormal, even if you’ve volunteered before. 

You haven’t answered my question?

All good, get in touch with Emily and Katie via [email protected]

We will take up to a week to get back to you.